DB100AU MeteoBridge

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DB100AU MeteoBridge


MeteoBridge is a low power Wi-Fi enabled router, a small device that connects your personal Davis weather station to public weather networks like Weather Underground, Weather Cloud etc, which sends your data to where you want it without having to have a PC on all day.

All you need is Internet access, to reach the weather networks web pages, where you can inspect your current & historical data. You connect your data logger to the MeteoBridge & sync the bridge to your LAN or WLAN.

It can then send data to selected Weather Networks, Emails, FTPs, MYSQL databases, even Twitter. All of this is configurable within a web browser with no extra software needed.

The WeatherLink® data logger(sold separately) continues storing data as normal, even WeatherLink®IP loggers will continue streaming to the Weatherlink Network utilising the MeteoBridge.

The MeteoBridge can also be configured as a Wireless bridge for IP loggers. This frees you from having to physically connect your IP logger to your router & allows you to place it anywhere within your Wireless Network.

Compatible with the following Weather Networks

Weather Underground

WeatherBug Backyard
Weather Flow
Open Weather Map
UK Met Office WOW
Weather cloud

Compatible with Davis Vantage Pro2™ or Vantage Vue™

Requires WeatherLink® data logger

& Internet connected router with an available LAN port or WiFi