La Crosse


La Crosse Weather Stations and Temperature Stations are very popular and inexpensive home weather instruments.

WeatherDownUnder is proud to be Australia's Authorised reseller and repairer for over 20 years!

The range of La Crosse products available today is second to none and has made weather station technology available to the home weather enthusiest like never before. La Crosse pride themselves in innovation and have been leaders in this field for many years. 

La Crosse Technology was founded in 1985 in America, then in 1991 in Europe

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LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station USB Silver WS2355
LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station USB Silver WS2355  Great Christmas Gift Idea!! The La C..
Ex Tax: $335.45
LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station WS1516IT DISCONTINUED
DISCONTINUED La Crosse WS1516IT Wireless Weather Station   The LaCrosse WS1516IT Ind..
Ex Tax: $235.45
La Crosse TX32 Rain Bucket
La Crosse Wireless Rain Gauge automatic emptying tipping bucket style   ·   ..
Ex Tax: $35.45
Tesa Wireless Temp Humidity Station WS1281
WS1281 Tesa Wireless Temp Humidity Station Great hobby temperature and humidity station!! Tesa..
Ex Tax: $43.64
Tesa Wireless Weather Station WS1151
TESA Wireless Weather Station WS1151   Wireless Weather Station for home, office, farm,..
Ex Tax: $90.00
WS2300-16 Rain Bucket 2300/3600 Series
Self Tipping Rain Bucket for the LaCrosse WS-2300 Series and WS-3600 Weather Stations. ..
Ex Tax: $59.09
LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station WS1913 Discontinued
WS1913 LaCrosse Weather Station Discontinued The LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station measures In/Ou..
Ex Tax: $108.18
TX20 Anemometer 2300/3502/3600 Series
Replacement Anemometer to suit the all WS-2300/3600 series Weather Stations and WS-3502 Wireless Win..
Ex Tax: $109.09
TX23 Lacrosse Anemometer 1500/1600 Series
The TX23 is a Replacement Anemometer for the WS-1510/1516/1600. Measures wind speed and direction..
Ex Tax: $62.73
TX55U Anemometer for WS1913/XC0349
Replacement Anemometer to suit all the WS-1916 and the XC0349 Weather Stations. ..
Ex Tax: $62.73
TX31U Temp Hygrometer Transmitter for WS1510
·         The thermo-hygro sensor measures the outdoor tempe..
Ex Tax: $50.00
WS2300-25 2300 Series Hydrometer
The Remote Thermo-hygrometer Sensor, can be connected by direct cable to the display, or can be set ..
Ex Tax: $90.00
PS6V Power Supply 2300/3600 Series 240 Volt
LaCrosse 240 volt power supply. For use with the following LaCrosse Weather Stations: WS-3600, WS-25..
Ex Tax: $30.00
WS2300-LCD 2300 Console Screen
WS-2300/100 Base Console for all WS-2300 100 wireless transmission series LaCrosse Weather Stations...
Ex Tax: $171.82