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Oregon CW101 Crystal Weather Moments

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Oregon CW101 Crystal Weather Moments

CW101 Crystal Weather Moments by Oregon

This elegant sculptural art piece infusing light and color into a fully functional weather clock.

With a wave of your hand, the glossy black base toggles between the time, indoor and outdoor temperatures. The etched crystal pieces reflect current weather conditions: a golden orb for clear skies, a shimmering cloud for overcast weather, and a sparkling droplet for rain. Reconnect with nature by bringing elements of the outdoors into your home without giving up your sense of style. 


Weather forecast via 3 iconic crystals (sunny, cloudy, rainy)
Changing light display for 12+hours weather forecast
Dual band radio-controlled clock for precise time
Indoor & outdoor temperature (up to 3 channels)*
Toggle between display modes via auto-toggle feature or a wave of the hand.
Display mode demonstrates the lighting effects